D.C. ruining nation with spending, debt, inflation

November 11, 2013 

Good news!

A local car dealer is announcing a price reduction on a 2013 truck from $65,120 to $55,747. I would suppose that price reduction might be due to the 2014 vehicles coming out soon.

Thinking that "good news" over I guess if I had bought that truck a month or so ago, by the time I added "dealer prep" and sales tax I would have paid over $70,000.

I guess I'll be driving my 2005 truck, which I bought Dec. 31, 2004 for many years to come. In the last year I have purchased one or more rental houses in northwest Bradenton for less than $70,000. They produce at least $1,000 monthly income each. Wonder what that $70,000 truck will be worth in a year? How about the value of my rental house?

Upon returning from Vietnam in 1970 you could buy a new Corvette for a little over $3,000. The 2014 model is priced over $60,000. Does that explain inflation?

With the help of Washington and the Federal Reserve, inflation is ruining our country, economy and our value system. We are decades overdue for a "fair tax," term limits as well as government spending limited to income much the way I run my business and household.

My point (finally) is Washington: It's burying us in debt with foreign aid, entitlements for "undocumented citizens," as well as the idea they can solve all problems by throwing money at them, etc. They are taking the incentive to work away with 99 weeks of unemployment and food stamps.

All this is a crime against our constitution and the vision of our forefathers.

Frank Eldridge

Palma Sola

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