Affordable Care Act disastrous on many levels

November 11, 2013 

Ardith Heemskerk's questions to Myra Jones comments regarding the president's health care plan were right on target, namely:

1. Why are we the people, by law, forced to buy it?

2. Why are the president and members of Congress exempted?

Myra Jones attempted to appease the Affordable Care Act as "filling an urgent need: better medical service and access for millions of uninsured."

We weren't even gradually "spoon fed" this unpleasant-to-the-taste health care law, but rather we were force-fed. Yet those representatives selected and elected to Congress and Senate who were supposed to represent their constituencies' best interests, separated and divided, initiating a "let's wait and see" inept mentality, leaving too many unanswered questions.

One being, will some be required to pay fines or be denied coverage if they do not sign on? Why did our legislators forget their constituents? Was it because they, and our president, are exempt from the newly proposed Affordable Care Act?

And if enough of those people who presently feel stranded by the thus far ineptness of the system at the present time decide to vote them out of office, and if we could also challenge their ad infinitum (without end or limit until death) continuance of salary and benefits, then perhaps our country might get back on the right track.

Yes! We should all try to help those less fortunate. But if you take from the rich and give constantly to the poor (many of whom receive more on benefits from the government than as an employee), you destroy and topple the "hard-working middle class" in the process by charging more and more fees.

Remember, "One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all." One nation united, not divided.

Kathleen M. Pasquariello


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