Obama, not Cruz, is the one bankrupting the country

November 10, 2013 

I take umbrage with a Nov. 1 letter. She talks about Ted Cruz being a dictator, treasonous, incompetent and bankrupting America.

Let us look behind the scenes. I feel we were sabotaged by Obama, not only once but twice by him being elected by people who want the government to give them free things. We were sabotaged by Obama lying to the public "You can keep you health policy, period!" You cannot deny the Obamacare sign-up is a disaster (six people signed up on the first day).

All Ted Cruz was asking was for a delay, but Mr. Obama and Harry Reid said no to the delay and chose instead the shutdown. He then, in retaliation, like a child, chose to close the World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Grand Canyon, national parks, etc.

Obama spent more to close them than to leave them open. It was said 800,000 unessential government workers were laid off; not quite, they got paid. Did you notice the government kept running? Do we need 800,000 unessential government workers?

We had more than enough money in the Treasury to pay our debts, No danger of defaulting.

The letter writer was right when she said "no true American would wreak such havoc on our nation." But Obama and Reid did!

His Obamacare is not only a train wreck, it is causing nightmares while waiting for the wreck. Now the estimated number of true Americans that will lose their policy and doctor is in excess of 98 million. Got that? He knew all of this prior to his selling us his snake oil.

Notice to the White House: try telling the "truth." It's so much easier to remember and memorize.

Sylvia Meyer

Lakewood Ranch

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