Bradenton Riverwalk security cameras become more vital after beating

November 9, 2013 

Adam Moyer skates at Bradenton's Riverwalk Skate park Friday morning where a disabled man was reportedly beaten early Tuesday morning. Two young men were arrested after a video of the fight was posted to social media. TIFFANY TOMPKINS-CONDIE/Bradenton Herald


The disturbing crime report about a mentally disabled person being viciously attacked at Riverwalk and beaten unconscious several times by several young men raises more than just security concerns about Bradenton's downtown gem.

One being the very notion that the alleged perpetrators recorded the savage attack and posted the video on Facebook.

What is wrong with people and society where anybody thinks this is -- for want of a better description -- entertainment for others to enjoy? Has our culture descended into madness about how we treat our fellow human beings? Beatings are OK? Harmless -- like violent video games?

The posted video shows the victim only trying to protect himself during the beating, with him losing consciousness and being stomped on the head several times.

This is incredibly appalling behavior, one we've witnessed time and time again on the Internet with bullies and others pummeling their victims. Empathy seems to have disappeared.

Are parents complicit in these crimes? Or is the lack of parenting the problem? Likely, the latter -- though in some cases parents defend their children and deny their violence and bullying when that is clearly not the case.

This is the first serious incident on Riverwalk outside of a few scuffles and underage smoking -- not a major crime among any. Kudos to the Bradenton Police Department for outstanding patrols and vigilance ever since Riverwalk's opening some 13 months ago.

On bicycles, on foot, in patrol cars or just standing at the skate park, police are ever present -- a very reassuring presence for sure. But the public cannot expect police to monitor the park every hour of every day. This new incident occurred after midnight.

Yes, the idea that this wonderful park along the Manatee River should have security cameras is a good one -- something in discussion since its opening.

The Bradenton Downtown Development Authority is pushing ahead with video security with some 16 to 20 cameras installed soon, a wise move indeed.

Had this heinous attack on a man described by his mother as suffering from psychosis, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder not been posted on the web, it might have been difficult to prosecute.

Security cameras would be a very welcome deterrent to crime.

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