Veteran's gift for a kindness remains memorable

November 9, 2013 

It has been nearly a year since a humble man walked into my workplace and left a bouquet of flowers and a beautifully written thank you letter signed "A Vietnam Vet."

If that man is reading this, please know that there has not been a day during the last year that I have not thought about how that letter affected my life. What I did for you two years ago was a simple token of appreciation for all that you sacrificed for our country.

When you left that day, I did not know if I would ever see you again, and as you walked away, I felt several emotions, but the most strong was sadness. I was sad that nobody had ever thanked you before.

As Veteran's Day approaches, please take a moment to thank a veteran for all that they have done for this country. Remember that some of these people have never been thanked for the time that they served.

To the Vietnam vet who brought me the flowers, if you are reading this (I hope you are), I would love to meet you again and buy you lunch. You can find me at Bradentown Scoop.

Sheri Clinard


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