A Tea Party position: willing to help others who earn aid

November 7, 2013 

The Herald has been rife with comments about the evil Tea Party. I am the Tea Party. I have lived and worked for 40 years in many countries around the world, from Southeast Asia in 1969 to China, Asia, Germany as a boy and later, as well as the Middle East.

In general, I have learned governments do a good job of taking money, spending more than they have, telling people how to live and killing its own citizens. In every case, they think they are doing the right thing.

At 11 years old, I had seen death camps turned into memorials. By 19, I was with boys sent to risk their lives and die by brilliant men in suits trying to prevent falling dominoes.

Now we are enslaving our own people, Americans, who are becoming more dependent, thus less free.

I know we need to support and help those who are weak but they must be the exception, not the rule. Once they are the rule, then we are slaves at the mercy of our master.

Since 1969, I have only wanted the U.S. government to have a military stand at the borders with the guns pointed out, protect the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, regulate interstate commerce, and provide a free system of public education because no free people can stand in the absence of a well educated population.

These four functions were stated by Thomas Jefferson. He also said the federal government should do no more.

I love my country but I fear my government. I am capable of making my own way, not willing to give my freedom away to those who have seen far less than I.

I am the Tea Party. I will help anyone, but you must help yourself.

John Allen


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