Affordable Care Act requirement diminishes our freedoms

November 5, 2013 

We are a nation under the Constitution. Where in the Constitution does it give the government the right to set up health care policies for us? Who gave the government the right to take our choice of policies away from us?

If the Supreme Court thinks we must buy something, who decided that the government then had the right to decide what that something must consist of?

The only thing we actually need is catastrophic health care. The rest of it should be at our option, not the government's option. And catastrophic health care should not include maternity care or prostate screenings or colonoscopies.

The president, no matter who he or she is, should not be the one who decides what kind of health insurance we are required to buy. Frankly, the Supreme Court should not be deciding that we are required to buy anything.

And no one should be telling us we have to buy something for people who can't afford it. If the government wants to tax us for health care, then fine, do it. But don't make families, or anyone else, buy insurance for other people from money which should be used to take care of our own families. We are being forced against our will to do this.

When the government can control our money in this way, we have lost our liberty. If this country doesn't wake up soon, there will be no land of the free, just another communist, socialist government where the people are pawns of the government and are forced by their leaders to spend money the way the government wants them to spend it. Whose money is it anyway?

Kristen Bechdolt


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