So many things wrong with Affordable Care Act

November 5, 2013 

You have been running a selection of well written letters on the Opinion page. Many of them, like Rosalie Rosenfeld's letter, I have agreed with.

But the full-page letter (a paid advertisement) by Thomas Sowell was so good I had to write a comment when Myra Jones took exception to it. She says there are numerous inaccuracies in Sowell's essay, too many to point out.

Well, my reply to Myra is brief -- name two!

I would like to see what examples she gives. The president's inaccuracies about his health care plan: "the mechanics of reaching the website has a glitch in it, but the plan is good, inexpensive, and workable."

I would like to ask: If the insurance is so good, why does he need a law to force people to buy it?

And why don't the unions like it? Why are the president and the members of Congress exempted from it? Why fine people who do not buy it?

This is ludicrous. This law isn't about health care, but about dictating to a free people and taking their freedom away. It is a train wreck on its way to happen. I hope it can be stopped before it wrecks the country.

Ardith Heemskerk


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