Obama's inexperience, errors fools many voters

November 4, 2013 

The position of president of the United States requires experience in governing. When voters elected the inexperienced U.S. Senator Barack Obama as president, they showed poor judgment. The voters were swayed by his charm and teleprompter abilities.

By pushing the Affordable Care Act, President Obama showed his inexperience. Concerning the ACA bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, "But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what's in it ..."

Today we see the consequences of forcing through a bill without reading it.

During his administration, the national debt has risen $7 trillion. If this president had business acumen, he would have worked to reduce the debt rather than leaving it for our children.

During President Obama's first term, four U.S. diplomats were murdered by terrorists in Benghazi, Libya. Because he was up for re-election at the time, the president, and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice blamed the incident on a spontaneous response to an anti-Islamic YouTube video.

If the American media had reported the facts, the voters could have made an informed decision when voting last November.

In the past year, under this inexperienced president, the IRS came under scrutiny for targeting specific taxpayers, the spying on Americans by the NSA was uncovered, the weak foreign policy of the president came to light during the Syria crisis, and the Affordable Care Act website was opened without being functional. On many occasions and by his own admission, President Obama did not know what was going on.

This president continues to fool many voters. Having the right to vote comes with the responsibility of being an informed voter. The position of president of the United States requires experience and a willingness to take responsibility.

K.E. Rettler


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