'Days': Brady and Kristen's wedding takes a shocking turn

Creators SyndicateNovember 3, 2013 

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Bill puts his own life in danger and loses focus on his climb because he can't keep his mind off of how angry he is with Katie. Bill's life flashes before his eyes as a result of a near-death experience. Following his close call with death, Bill has an epiphany about his life, family and future. Bill plans to have a real connection with all of his sons. Wyatt and Charlie go into panic mode when the Hope for the Future Diamond disappears. Word gets out about the situation surrounding the Hope for the Future Diamond and Wyatt's involvement with it. Wyatt takes advantage of his current situation to garner publicity for Forrester Creations and Hope. Quinn uses time alone with Hope to her own advantage by explaining how much Wyatt loves her. Donna attempts to talk sense into Katie about the restrictions she has been placing on Bill's visits with Will. Liam calls Katie out on the carpet about her ability to handle her position at Spencer Publications and questions if she still harbors feelings for Bill. Just after their engagement, Rick and Caroline begin to plan the details of their upcoming wedding. Maya shows her gratitude to Carter and Rick for getting her job back as spokesmodel for Hope for the Future.

SNEAK PEEK: Caroline is less than thrilled when she hears the news of Maya's return to Forrester Creations.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Tormented Eric asks his superiors to be relocated to another parish. Marlena turns to Victor when she encounters a problem with Kristen's flash drive. Nicole and Eric have a devastating conversation about what he thinks she did to him. Daniel offers to help Nicole get to the bottom of what really happened to Eric in the capital. Jennifer asks Daniel for answers about his "affair" with Theresa. Sparks fly between Rafe and Jordan. Kristen is horrified when someone learns the truth about what she did to Eric! Kristen is determined to make sure nothing will ruin her wedding to Brady and arms herself with a gun just in case. Victor makes a last-ditch effort to convince Brady not to marry Kristen. Brady and Kristen's wedding begins, but a stunning secret about Kristen is revealed and brings the ceremony to a screeching halt. Lucas overhears Kate plotting against Jordan. Jennifer and JJ grow close again, though he remains guilt-ridden over the heartbreak she's suffering from thinking Daniel slept with Theresa. Sami visits Theresa to see if she remembers anything from the night she OD'd. Cameron tells Abby he is leaving

SNEAK PEEK: A brotherly fight

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Patrick is left uneasy after his conversation with Nikolas. He is poised to walk into the exam room where Robin is. Robin has an emotional outpouring about how much she misses her family and Jason's death. Duke finds Faison behind the wall and can't understand why Anna isn't doing more to get him to the police station. Britt and Elizabeth tangle over Nikolas, and Britt suggests what happens between her and Nikolas is none of Elizabeth's business. Tracy and Luke return home. Luke reveals he meant it when he said he wanted to explore a relationship together. Franco misinterprets the nature of Derek and Morgan's meeting. Sonny makes his plans to take care of Derek. Carly finds Diane and Franco together and believes she's seeing further evidence of a secret sexual relationship between the two. Carly informs Franco that she'll be at the opening of his art showing at Ava's gallery. Diane crosses her fingers that the real artist behind Franco's new series never learns that he appropriated them to his ends -- just as the real artist, Heather, arrives. Sam and Silas agree to go on a date to Franco's art show. Sam detests Franco, but is curious about what she perceives to be his decision to donate the profits to leukemia research. He expresses his concerns about Shawn's line of work. Max sees Franco and Diane together, unaware that Diane still has feelings for him. Franco is on the spot when he has to explain the meaning/symbolism behind the paintings, which leads to a major outburst. Michael and Kiki speculate about Morgan's motives for remaining with Ava now that he knows the truth. He believes that he has discovered something to use against Scott

SNEAK PEEK: The gloves are off.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Kevin visits Michael and opens up about how tough it's been for him since Delia died. When Kevin asks Michael for advice on how to help Chloe, Michael tells him just to continue loving her. Mason offers to be Devon's assistant and tells him that he wants to make up for what he did to him when he was involved with Hilary. Paul tells Christine that he's determined to save the Baldwin family from Carmine's murder. Paul realizes that the crime scene photos are missing from the evidence bag. Chelsea and Adam bring Connor home and talk about how far they have come together as they've gone through this ordeal. Cane tells Hilary that he doesn't want her anywhere near Jabot or his family and that she needs to turn down Neil's offer and leave town. Billy opens up to Victoria and tells her that he is going to find the person that ran down his little girl. Dylan and Chelsea meet up and he tells her that he has received the divorce papers. After they discuss everything they've been through, Chelsea signs the divorce papers. Chelsea returns to find the police at Adam's. Chelsea overhears the police tell Adam that they have reason to believe that a black SUV like his was involved in Delia's hit and run. Adam shows his car to the police and they tell him that it looks fine. Nikki and Victor worry about Sharon's role in Nick's life. Nick and Sharon take Faith to class and remind her that they are not getting back together. Faith is distracted by seeing Dylan and runs over to him. Sharon tries to diffuse any potential tension between Nick and Dylan. Dylan doesn't want a problem and leaves. Jill goes to see Victor about his plans for Newsman-Chancellor. Victor tells her that he plans on joining Katherine's vision with his own. When Jill objects to Victor's plans, he reminds her that she has no say in the company and that this was Katherine's plan. A furious Jill arranges a meeting with Jack

SNEAK PEEK: Michael is attacked

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