Take Daily Kos articles with huge grain of salt

November 3, 2013 

I am writing in response to Myra Jones' Oct. 23 letter to the editor. Speaking about the ad taken out in the name of Thomas Sowell, Miss Jones warns, "For your own protection, you should take plausible propaganda like this with a huge grain of salt. Consider who is talking, what they have to gain by convincing you, and what you stand to lose."

This is great advice but before Miss Jones gives her warning she directs readers to the Daily Kos as a viable news source.

So I checked it out. Here are the headlines I found there: "Meet the guy House Republicans wanted to 'guide' their oversight of Obamacare," a hit-piece on John McAfee complete with a video of Rachel Maddow (major left-winger); "Brosurance makes its debut in Colorado," which contains this phrase "right is trying to scare young people;" then there is this headline, "More evidence House Republicans are the dumbest political creatures on Earth" which states "Because they (Republicans) don't give a ... (profanity) about making Obamacare work. Unless they can make it work to help them win the next election. Because for them, your health is a pawn in a political struggle."

And then there is the article where they can hardly contain their joy, "Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Thanks to shutdown, a Dem upset in Westchester is possible."

On the site I also found a nasty cartoon depicting Tea Party people (which I am very proud to say I am) as racist and cold-hearted. This site is certainly biased and should not be considered a viable source of news.

So yes, Miss Jones, I agree. Everyone should be very careful where they get their "news" from!

Chrissy Blevio


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