Presidential failures not limited to Obama

November 3, 2013 

Patrick J. McKell's Oct. 28 letter, "Obama's failures, broken promises all too numerous," gave me quite a chuckle. A presidential candidate made promises he couldn't keep? Seriously? Surely the writer isn't suggesting that this is an anomaly!

The fact is every political candidate has made campaign promises he or she could not keep, and of course this includes President Obama.

Actually, George W. Bush gave us broken promises with respect to the environment, higher education, health care, welfare, energy, nuclear proliferation, spending deficits, taxes, Social Security, and immigration, according to the article, "The Broken Promises of George W. Bush: Rhetoric vs. Reality" (Aug. 9, 2004).

Ronald Reagan broke promises on taxes, abortion, immigration, gun control, education and foreign policy, to name a few (

However, possibly the most infamous broken promise, and the most memorable, was made by George H.W. Bush when he said, "Read my lips! No new taxes!"

The unfortunate fact is that campaign promises that will not be kept are a fact of our political process and usually can not be avoided.

Mr. McKell's letter also stated that President Obama has been a failure and has accomplished relatively nothing during his tenure as president. Actually, the president's accomplishments are too numerous to list in a 300-word letter, but I would advise readers to Google, "the top accomplishments of President Obama" and you will find many resources that list his Top 10, Top 50, and one, admittedly a progressive website, lists 194. It is rather disingenuous to suggest that Obama has accomplished nothing during the past six years.

I do not believe President Obama will go down in history as a failure considering the deep political divisions currently existing not only in Congress but among the American people as well.

Carol Gazell


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