These organizations not neutral but tilt hard right

November 2, 2013 

In Mr. Rolland Freeman's Oct. 23 letter to the editor, he states that the three organizations he listed -- the Judicial Watch-Amicus Society, the Heritage Foundation and the John Birch Society -- are all organizations that are "... without preference toward either Democrat or Republican..." All I can say is, are you kidding me?

Each of them is hard right-leaning and ultra-conservative. I'm not that familiar with the Amicus Society, but after visiting their website it's not all hard to see which they lean, and that's to the far right.

The Heritage Foundation? Give me a break. That's the outfit Jim DeMint is associated with and which supported Cruz and his Tea Party clowns in the recent government shutdown, and are now leveling threats at moderate Republicans that if they don't toe the foundation's line they can expect primary challenges for their congressional seats.

Then there's the Birch Society, I'm 68 and old enough to remember those guys. I also seem to remember it was Birchers that Barry Goldwater used to, as Palin puts it, "pal around" with.

No sir, the three organizations you listed are about as fair and balanced as Fox News and the likes of Cruz, Palin, Hannity and Beck. And personally I don't believe any of those mentioned are in any way balanced, let alone fair.

Thomas Steveley

Bradenton Beach

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