Home rule advocacy also backed by Holmes Beach commission candidates

November 1, 2013 

My husband and I got a chuckle out of the Bradenton Herald editorial on Oct. 30 which states and talks about "returning home rule to communities on vacation rentals."

It discusses tourism in our county and how very important it is. Also, how Anna Maria Island has become overrun and has a problem with rental mega-houses placed in residential neighborhoods. We couldn't agree more with the entire editorial.

The chuckle came when we realized that what the paper espoused is exactly what Jean Peelan and Pat Morton have been trying to accomplish for two years.

Ms. Peelan has led the charge for at least three years, has listened to the residents and has lobbied strong and hard with Mayor SueLynn of Anna Maria to have home rule returned to the communities. She has been the driving force with building code changes, with enforcement of codes and trying to bring the island back to some sort of sanity for the people living there.

It causes wonder, then, at this newspaper's endorsements for the Holmes Beach election when Jean Peelan, Pat Morton and now Carol Soustek are attempting to accomplish what the Bradenton Herald supports in their editorial. Makes one think!

Pam Leckie

Holmes Beach

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