Sen. Ted Cruz supported shutdown; GOP sabotaging country

November 1, 2013 

I don't understand why people are railing against President Obama and blaming him for the shutdown. I explicitly heard dictator Sen. Ted Cruz take the credit. And, well-aware of the cost and pain suffered by our country and fellow-Americans, he stated that he would do it again.

Who are these people so boldly committing treason against our country? They are incompetent and willing to not only bankrupt America, cause current and future pain for fellow-Americans, but destabilize the world economy.

What is their expertise in economics? Are they smarter than the leaders of the World Bank who say this would be a disaster.

We know they are self-serving and cruel, willing to throw the American people into poverty and deprive others of health insurance and let them suffer and possibly die. They are hypocrites with their claims to lower spending, not when they can so easily throw away $24 billion.

Recession may be ahead of us; people may not be able to shop for the holidays, especially if we are being threatened by a repeat.

There are no apologies to all of their innocent victims of the Tea Party. No apologies to the World War II veterans who fought and died to preserve their right to damage a country struggling to recover after the last Republican fiasco that brought us a recession.

No true American would wreak such havoc on their own people or country. I agree completely with James Frazier in his Oct. 3 letter. Republicans are guilty of extortion and treason and all because they want their way.

We've all seen their deliberate acts of sabotage in the past few weeks. Americans cannot afford to have such ignorant and callous people dictating their future. Where is the line between reckless behavior and domestic terrorism?

Doris Scherette


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