FL Attorney General Bondi wrong on gill nets, medical pot

October 31, 2013 

I was dismayed to read on the Oct. 25 front page two articles regarding Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's decisions to overrule the people of Florida. Being a Key West native who grew up on Anna Maria, I see she obviously has no clue as to what she's taking away from our commercial fishermen.

What a boost to the entire state's economy and to those who ply our waters for good, local seafood this ban lift would provide!

Also, on the front page, Ms. Bondi's actions caught my attention in her mission to override the right to get pain relief via medical marijuana. I have never met Kathy Jordan; however, I do support her goals.

I live with multiple sclerosis, although I do not partake of marijuana, as it's illegal, of course, as the law reads now. I have never discussed the topic with my neurologist either, but I do honestly believe in the benefit to Kathy and many others who must live furtively just to obtain relief from truly debilitating illnesses.

Restriction to medical use will be carefully monitored, not just available to "anyone with a doctor's note." I personally feel I take more medications than I'd like and am so pleased that people like Kathy Jordan have been able to eliminate theirs altogether.

Please, consider this: What does Pam Bondi agree to do for the people of Florida anyway?

Susan Weisenborn


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