Peelen, Soustek, Morton best for Holmes Beach city commission

October 31, 2013 

Reading the Holmes Beach endorsements, we wondered if anyone on the Herald Editorial Board attended a Holmes Beach city commission meeting during the past year. Except for Pat Morton, the reasons for endorsements are the opposite of what actually occurred.

Chair Jean Peelen conducts professional, even-handed meetings. We never heard her speak disparagingly of anyone or use the term "day trippers." There are spirited discussions where most commissioners listen to opposing viewpoints, treating fellow commissioners and the public with dignity and respect.

David Zaccagnino is the glaring exception. He advocated for policies that destroy our neighborhoods. He attacked anyone who disagreed with him. He talked down to and belittled others.

He supported the worst of the Mainsail developers' demands and wrongfully tarred a fellow commissioner with groundless ethics accusations.

We have always supported Zaccagnino, but cannot do so now. He takes credit for other's positive actions and accuses them wrongly of bad behavior. Zaccagnino is counting on citizens not knowing the truth.

Some candidates are trying to protect the best in our city and others view it as a cash cow for developers. Zaccagnino's voting record places him squarely with the latter.

This is why we are voting for Carol Soustek, Pat Morton and Jean Peelen. They will continue to govern responsibly, protect the community we love and make it better.

Barbara and David Hines

Holmes Beach

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