Elect Holmes Beach commission candidates who'll protect island lifestyle

October 30, 2013 

As a resident of Holmes Beach, I was disappointed to read Bradenton Herald's endorsements of David Zaccagnino and Melissa Williams. Current commissioner Jean Peelen has earned the votes and hearts of residents in our small city.

Jean was the very first person to step up to a development-friendly commission and insist that changes be made. She has worked tirelessly to stop the rampant development that has swept in like a hurricane since 2008.

She has succeeded in enforcing size limitations based on land area, ensuring building codes are enforced, and easing residents' concerns that we had lost the quaint community atmosphere of our city.

Pat Morton, a 10-year veteran of the commission, shares Jean's enthusiasm in keeping development and residents on neighborly terms.

It is my hope that Carol Soustek will also be voted in to join this team as well. She will add expertise, knowledge, and passion to the current commissioners who share a commitment to a peaceful living community with affordable housing for its residents.

Best of luck to Jean Peelen, Pat Morton, Carol Soustek, and our charming island lifestyle.

Jeannie Hudkins

Holmes Beach

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