Candidate rebuttal: Carol Soustek

CommentaryOctober 29, 2013 

This is difficult to respond to as I, Carol Soustek, was neither endorsed nor not endorsed in your Herald Editorial Board's article. I assure you, I was there at the forum and answered each and every question fully, accurately, and true fully.

I chair the Island Traffic and Congestion Committee to see if we can solve some of the parking and traffic problems at peek times. We will make life better for our tourist and residents. The present commission has never attacked day trippers. That is MISINFORMATION.

I want you to know that I am a 24-year resident, a retired corporate accountant, 22-year volunteer with the Anna Maria Turtle Watch, recipient of the Turtle Watch protégés "Sadie" award, serve as vice president of S.A.M. (Save Anna Maria), worked with and on committees such as Ninth Avenue Housing Plan (Wisteria Park), Seven Shores at Perico Island, Beach Clean Up, ordinance for home rule (Amendment 4), Grassy Point Preserve, Hands across the Gulf (oil rigs in Gulf waters), building codes work group (responsible for FAR and LAR regulations), Long Bar Point opposition group, Preserve Our Waterline road group.

I have supported and asked all citizens to support our local businesses, a life line of our community.

To get the record straight, there has been NO tax increase. We have had the same mileage rate for the past THREE years. I DO NOT support increasing taxes.


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