Conservatives must get out and vote to win nation back

October 29, 2013 

My letter to the Herald on Oct. 11 was an attempt to defend the Tea Party against some harsh criticism in the Sunday edition. My quote that "anything goes providing you can get away with it" in reference to this administration drew shrill cries of racism.

While I am sure the practice is international, in my particular case it is geographical. I was African born and grew up in Kenya, where the attitude "anything goes" is practiced by blacks, whites, Arabs and Asians alike, and is not necessarily color coded.

I certainly cannot speak for the Tea Party, only for myself as a member, and while I agree wholeheartedly with their principles, I disagree with some of their tactics.

To the reader who took me to task by name, under the heading "Tea Party responsible for shutdown," consider this: If the president can grant waivers to all those hundreds of "special interests" for not being prepared, surely he could have delayed the whole of Obamacare for the same period and for the same reasons. Simple, sensible logic, and could have averted the whole shutdown, period.

Don't give me that nonsense about total shutdown being the fault of one group. The government was 75 percent up and running, with numerous bills presented to the Senate to keep everything going.

Like this one, my original letter was specifically aimed at those millions of conservatives to get out and register and then vote this time, or we might end up in a country unable to print money fast enough.

D.W. Rooken-Smith


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