Mayoral, commission incumbents best in Bradenton Beach election

October 27, 2013 

I support and encourage the re-election of Mayor John Shaughnessy and Ric Gatehouse to the Bradenton Beach City Commission.

As a longtime resident and business owner in our community, I have worked with and personally observed the incumbents and their opponents during each of their terms in office. It is not lost on me that all four candidates have given of their talents to serve our city and I thank them for these efforts.

That said, I have been very impressed with the keen awareness Shaughnessy and Gatehouse possess of both the long-term and short-term needs of our community for balanced and sustainable tourism while protecting the needs of residents.

They have pushed tirelessly to provide redress to one of the island's biggest issues -- parking -- and have found solutions to create more. Most impressive is the creative and focused efforts they have both taken to alleviate the burden on taxpayers by working with private entities for funding government projects, and recently, the $1 million matching grant from the county's Tourist Development Council that Mayor Shaughnessy secured to invest in and protect the historic City Pier.

These candidates have both offered to sit down and mediate a workable solution to the expensive litigation Mr. Bill Shearon has brought against us taxpayers over a very important city project that is being largely funded by a private entity for a government-owned project and site.

Mr. Shaughnessy used this same approach successfully to put an end to the Holmes Beach litigation and restore a healthy relationship with our neighbor.

Under former commissioners Shearon and Janie Robertson, both candidates this election, I've seen nothing but lost opportunities and costly hits to our hard-earned tax dollars. . With Shaughnessy and Gatehouse revenues come in literally by the millions. With Shearon and Robertson, I've seen nothing but lost opportunities and costly hits to our hard-earned tax dollars.

For these reasons and more, I support Shaughnessy and Gatehouse.

David Teitelbaum

Bradenton Beach

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