Losing control of education in Florida to Common Core

October 27, 2013 

How can a "public license" about education standards that are supposed to be led by the state of Florida be owned by two private, lobbying, not-for-profits based Washington, D.C.? Why would our state agree to Common Core knowing full well they can't modify any of Common Core?

What happens when the state Department of Education starts implementing Common Core and it doesn't address the needs of our Florida students? Remember, if you accept Common Core you can't change any of the educational standards, curriculum and assessments.

Common Core State Standards are provided under the terms of a public license and are protected by the copyright and/or other applicable law. Any person who exercises any rights to the Common Core State Standards accepts and agrees to be bound by the terms of this license. You can go to www.corestandards.org/public-license and read for yourselves.

If Common Core was truly state led, there would be no need to validate copyright laws because our legislators would have debated it, had committee hearings and allowed the public to express their opinions. None of this ever happened.

The license's agent is the NGA Center for Best Practices, a private trade organization whose actions have no legal standing on states. Even the governor from Maine in 2012 stated, "I get no value out of those meeting."

It seems the governors in the NGA really didn't play a role in the development or approval of the standards, they were merely "informed to the decision NGA made." This is a critical fact in proving that the standards were not state-led.

Who is leading the Common Core standards? Maybe we should follow the money?

Peggy Martin, Taxpayers Watch Committee

East Manatee

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