Hiaasen column ridiculous swipe at the Tea Party

October 26, 2013 

What's worse than fungus? Socialism!

The commentary by Carl Hiaasen published on Oct. 22 was so witty and so very popular for today's "thinking" person. I am sure that he thinks he was funny and adored by so many. I thought the article was ridiculous.

I know that slamming the Tea Party is popular. And, I recognize that Hollywood trivia and polls about cockroaches are highly regarded by some. But is it possible that our nation is declining because of what is popular?

Twerking, getting tattoos and strange piercings, and popping Mollies are also popular. Does that mean they are good?

His article was mumbo-jumbo.

I do not belong to the Tea Party. But I do appreciate its efforts to stop socialized medicine. It's a shame that these efforts were overlooked because it's more popular to mock the Tea Party.

Socialism is not the answer to our health care problems. Bigger government produces bigger problems. A growing number of people are already dependent upon our financially bankrupt government. Hiaasen probably thinks that socialism is the answer, but many people gave their lives to defend our nation from tyrannical rule.

Socialized medicine, gun control for the common man, trivializing the Tea Party platforms, and popularizing the ideas of a highly immoral Hollywood are foolishness.

David Howard


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