Off-duty St. Petersburg police officer's kind action above, beyond call of duty

October 26, 2013 

Off-duty St. Petersburg Police Officer Jason Deary recently recovered my wife's wallet from busy U.S. 64 in Bradenton. When he passed it laying in the road, he made a U-turn and sped back to pick it up before it was run over.

This act of kindness was just the start. Officer Deary then sought to find our home and personally return the wallet and its contents to my wife, Cameron.

We phoned my wife while he was here and she had no idea she had lost the wallet. She stated she stopped for gas and turned onto U.S. 64 and figured it had rolled off the top of her car, where she now remembered placing it while strapping in our 3-year-old son.

Officer Deary and I realized we only live five minutes apart and yet the gas station my wife fueled up at is 20-30 minutes away. I know things happen for a reason and some would say God had his hand in this or that was karma. I'd speculate this is just normal awareness and behavior Officer Deary exudes daily.

We are forever thankful and linked to this man for his humble act of kindness. Officer Deary did what compelled him to do and that goodness comes from within. Had it not been for him, we possibly would have endured never knowing what happened to this wallet.

In addition he saved us from painstakingly having to cancel credit cards, and replace the wallet and other contents.

Officer Jason Deary is a credit to himself, his family, and the St. Petersburg Police Department. Thank you, Jason. With our sincere gratitude,

Michael and Cameron Simpson


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