Meat diet inconsistent, based on denial, hypocrisy

October 25, 2013 

"Love cats, eat cows?"

The convenient inconsistency of picking and choosing which sentient, intelligent beings are to be cherished and which are to be hoisted up by a back leg only to have their throats slit is based on nothing but denial and hypocrisy.

We may show disdain for a culture that consumes dogs while our culture condones the same fate for pigs, chickens and cows.

It makes no sense whatsoever.

I used to be one of those hypocrites. "But they're raised for food" was the excuse, as if that justified separating newborn calves from screaming mothers and stealing their milk; grinding up millions of male chicks that are useless to the egg industry, and yanking billions of marine animals out of the oceans to suffocate to death.

When I went vegan 24 years ago, it was for animal ethics. But a funny thing happened: my own health benefited. My cholesterol level is now 152, my weight 155 and I take no prescription drugs.

Clinical studies show that obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and many types of cancer can be virtually eliminated. And I've opened myself up to a wide assortment of international cuisines!

Pat McCarthy


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