Obamacare and a lack of accountable government

October 25, 2013 

During campaigns for government positions, citizens can only elect a man or woman based on their promises. It is refreshing and somewhat rare to find a politician who will be a person of honesty and character that understands words have meaning and will follow through on their promises.

Here is a novel idea: Because an elected official that sees no problem in lying to the citizens of America do not realize that their words no longer have any validity and they have lost our trust, we must remove them from office immediately.

Let us start with those officials who took an oath to uphold and protect our Constitution. Chief Justice John Marshall stated in Marbury v. Madison that any supposed law that is repugnant to the supreme law of the United States (the Constitution) is null and void and is therefore no law at all. So what are all these supposed laws and mandates coming out of Washington, D.C. -- repugnant to our Constitution, from the very people that took an oath to uphold and protect our Constitution.

What we must find repugnant is the fact that the Bill of Rights is only a reminder that our natural rights were established long before our government and can never be taken from us.

Sen. Ted Cruz campaigned on a promise to the people to do everything in his power to eliminate a corrupt unconstitutional government health insurance program. I for one find it a breath of fresh air to have a politician we can trust to do what they say, and this is why his polls in Texas have gone through the roof and he will be rewarded for it.

God bless any political figure that has his honesty and courage.

James Freeman


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