School bus drivers not to blame for student violence

October 25, 2013 

About the bus driver arrested after an incident in Naples, reported in the Oct. 21 Herald: Back in my days of riding the bus to school, when something was about to happen many of the friends knew beforehand. This was a practical joke usually, not attacking someone on the bus and causing bodily harm!

The other riders on the bus should have shouted out for help to the bus driver. Bus drivers cannot account for what is happening behind them since they are focused on the road. What a tough job looking out for other drivers and students.

I would think there would be an assigned bus monitor to help keep students in line. The other students need severe discipline and should not be exonerated because they are minors.

Accolades to the student who helped the child off the bus, and we hope the victim can overcome this and continue to ride the bus. I will be following this closely for the outcome.

Marge Dutton


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