Sowell way off mark with claim on House 'defunding' strategy

October 23, 2013 

Thomas Sowell is an interesting guy, and I agree with many of his positions. He is usually logical and well reasoned in his arguments.

However, his comments in the full page ad in the Oct. 20 Herald about the House of Representatives, being the source of all spending bills, has the right to "defund" the Affordable Care Act are way off the mark.

Under that idea, the right could try to defund Social Security or Medicare -- two other programs of which they are not particularly enamored -- just because they supposedly hold the purse strings of government. Better that saner heads than the Tea Party folks prevailed.

Just a shame we will be going through the whole nonsense in a few more months.

If they don't like the Affordable Care Act, they need to come up with a better idea and pass it into law. That is how the system works and to attempt to hold the country hostage like a bunch of whiny kids does not reflect well upon their approach, Maybe in 2014 we can send in some grown-ups.

I noticed no attribution as to who placed the Sowell ad. What are they afraid of?

Given the expense, I would not be surprised to learn it was funded by the billionaire Koch brothers or the right-wing Heritage Foundation. If they are so proud of the "principled stand" taken by Tea Party Republicans, why are they hiding?

Fred Forbes


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