Thomas Sowell a good American, smart patriot

October 23, 2013 

First, I would like to offer my appreciation to the Herald for running the Thomas Sowell full-page ad on Oct. 20. I consider him a good American and one smart patriot. The only point he left out was to direct people generally away from their personal problems with our government and to our Constitution directly.

I feel that most all of our current problems can be averted if our government stays solidly with the Constitution in every aspect of governing. The same holds true for the future.

Anyone doubting this only has to carefully study the document and Bill of Rights and proceed accordingly. Yes! They are just that good. What a pity so many of our neo-adults have apparently missed this in their education to date.

If you doubt this, let me include a short list of organizations that exist precisely for that purpose. For more information the following are known to be 100 percent pro-American without preference toward either Democrat or Republican:

• The Judicial Watch, Amicus Society, P.O. Box 96234 Washington, D.C. 20077-7480.

• The Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Ave. N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002; 202-546-4400.

• The John Birch Society, P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54912-8040; 920-749-3780.

There are numerous others but space here won't allow it. I have always been able to count on the truth from any of the above. Just contact any, or all of them and ask for information and literature.

Rolland S. Freeman

Longboat Key

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