Government shutdown shows Tea Party arrogance

October 22, 2013 

On Oct. 19, Sen. Ted Cruz was welcomed with cheers in his home state of Texas. I fail to see what they are cheering about. He was the leader of the government shutdown with Eric Cantor and the brinkmanship for the national debt ceiling.

Sure, government workers are getting back pay but who is going to pay for all of those who lost money or work that are not government workers? Who is going to pay for the interest on credit cards that went unpaid? Who is going to pay for the lost business for many?

While I am a proponent of letting people believe what they want, I am also a proponent of being responsible for what you do to other people. The nation suffered from those in the Tea Party.

Their unwillingness to work with others was appalling. They pranced around the Capitol, big smiles on their faces. It was disgusting.

What did they achieve? Nothing. For Ted Cruz a moment of fame. For the rest of us, worry, loss of wages and loss of our reputation.

Can others trust America to pay their bills and be a steady leader in the world. This is too high a price to pay for arrogance, stubbornness, ignorance and an inability to work with others.

If the GOP does it again in two months, say goodbye to the GOP as we know it. Americans will vote them out in 2014 and they should.

And guess what? The Koch brothers are not going to be able to bail you out.

Susan Fitzpatrick


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