October 21, 2013 

Staff Photographer

Phone booths are a rarity these days. Especially ones where the lights still work. You're probably more likely to run into a zombie in tattered street clothes than a bona fide phone booth -- at least around Halloween. Last Wednesday I got both, courtesy of John Rusnak. Rusnak is no stranger to the macabre, and thankfully has a robust sense of humor to counter his professionally "spooky," artistic set design and special effects talents. Not to mention his prop-wrangling skills: Need a full-featured autopsy table? Check. Authentic circus props? Check. Phone booth? Check. Rusnak and his crew have been drop-dead busy since September lovingly crafting their latest, "Frightmares Haunted House," at the Sarasota Fairgrounds. Their production values are high, and accordingly, plans and preparations for this event have been brewing all year. The finished product often invites comparisons from satisfied customers to some of the big-name haunted houses, including Universal's House of Horror -- just less expensive with shorter lines, and certainly closer. Check it out for yourself! Just don't be scared...


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