Exposing Obamacare for how terrible it is

October 21, 2013 

I continue to be amazed at the media's relentless support of everything Obama. One could come to the conclusion that editorial policy included his as the second coming.

According to a Herald article, there are four Obamacare plans.

Let's examine these from the perspective of a lower middle class Floridian:

Bronze: Cost Manatee $258.01 per month, or pay a fine of $200 per month, if uninsured. Clever choice! Translated, that is $3,096.12 per year, but it is a bare minimum plan that covers only 60 percent of the outlay cost! So, when you break your legs, the cost will be: ambulance $500, hospital $855, after-care by a doctor $600, medication $100; Total cost: $2,055. The bronze plan pays $1,233 and you, the patient, pays $822.

Same situation with the silver plan: Cost $304 per month, or $3,648 per year. The silver plan pays $1,430 and you, the patient, pays $625.

The only real option for a lower middle class worker is to opt for the $200 fine, thus entering him into the government-financed plan that loses money made up by other taxpayers, i.e. other Floridians, which in fact, is the idea of the entire Obamacare plan to start with (single-payer plan).

On the issue of Obamacare Internet site, which cost $346 million to set up and does not work even though they have had three years to set it up, I can't even comment. American Express, PayPal, and Amazon handle 10 times the volume and set up their sites for less than $10 million each!

I should also point out that the aforementioned healthcare examples are the very best circumstances. How about a real article for a family of two, three, or four? Oh sorry, that would expose just exactly how bad Obamacare is; we would not want to do that.

Dr. Adrian H. Krieg


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