Soap opera updates: Hope ends her engagement to Liam on 'B&B'

Creators SyndicateOctober 20, 2013 

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Hope hears the words from Wyatt that she always wanted to hear from Liam; that there will never be another girl in his life but her. Brooke advises Liam to take a step back from his relationship to allow Hope time to decide who she wants to be with. While Wyatt and Liam make their pleas about which one of them is better suited for her, Hope ends her engagement to Liam. Knowing that Hope is still hurting over her breakup with Liam, Wyatt offers his love and support. As Hope and Wyatt bask in the success of the jewelry show, Liam arrives just in time to witness the closeness between the two. After accusing Wyatt of being the cause of the broken engagement, Liam asks Hope for another chance. Bill surprises Brooke with a gift and an offer for her. When Katie angrily confronts him about his disrespectful actions in the boardroom, Bill tells her that she is on her own running Spencer Publications into the ground. An uncomfortable run-in with Rick and Caroline cuts Maya and Carter's wedding planning lunch date short. Maya regrets not fighting harder for Rick when Dayzee confronts her on her lingering feelings for him while being engaged to marry Carter. Desperate to find Rick, Maya arrives at the HOPE FOR THE FUTURE event ready to express her undying love for him. Maya is well aware that her future with Carter is at stake if she reveals the truth about where her true feelings lie, but is willing to risk it for Rick. Rick whisks Caroline off to a surprise destination. Maya's heart is broken when she learns from Hope and Wyatt the reason why Rick is not at the HFTF event. Not believing what she's been told, Maya sets out to get the truth straight from Rick.

SNEEK PEEK: A mother and daughter show down

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After having shot Chad, Marge turns her gun on E.J. E.J. is set free. Chad is rushed into surgery and his lie about having a brain tumor may have fatal consequences. Daniel works to save Chad's life. Sami points out to Stefano that if Chad dies, it will be on his hands. Chad's family and friends keep vigil at the hospital. Eric realizes he broke his priestly vows at the Capitol Hotel and thinks Nicole was behind the event. Rafe and Jordan are growing closer, and Kate decides to check into Jordan's past. J.J. has a sobering day in court. Blaming Theresa for J.J. s troubles, Jennifer physically attacks her. Will has a life-changing offer.

SNEAK PEEK: Jennifer gives J.J. tough love.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: A frantic Patrick confides in Sabrina that he heard Robin's voice. Sabrina is sympathetic but convinces him that it was just his mind playing tricks. Patrick isn't able to shake his suspicions about Robin possibly being alive. Robin continues her search for a cure. Jerry stuns Robin with the news that his guinea pig was Luke. Robin tells Jerry he still has a slim chance of survival, and it means finding Luke, from whose system a cure can be extracted -- but only by her. Franco warns Derek to stay away from Carly. Silas asks Sam for a do-over of their aborted evening. Kiki and Michael, after having sex, realize that they have to re-enter real life and find jobs. Morgan learns more about Ava's past. Sonny starts putting things together. Franco tries to tell Carly he was on his "date" with Diane just to make her jealous. Carly doesn't believe him and storms out, agreeing to go on a lunch date with Derek. Sonny relates his suspicions to Duke about Julian Jerome. Duke assures Sonny that it's impossible: Julian is dead. He was killed in a shootout with Jonathan Paget. He explains that Robert Scorpio himself identified his body. It's not possible for him to be alive. Britt works herself up by watching the ominous video warning from her mother.

SNEAK PEEK: Patrick confesses his love.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Dylan bumps into Nikki at the coffeehouse and senses that something is troubling her. Nikki admits that she's been stressed and Dylan questions if it's because of him. When Nikki questions why Dylan thinks that, he admits that the Newman family probably holds him responsible for what happened between Nick and Avery. Chelsea goes off on Victor and tells him to forget he has a grandson. Victor advises Adam to go for full custody. Adam tells Chelsea to head to the doctor while he finishes his discussion with Victor. The eye doctor informs Chelsea and Adam that the only option for Connor is a corneal transplant, but it has to be performed before he's six weeks old. Victor asks Victoria to head the merger of Chancellor Industries and Newman Enterprises. Jack tells Adam that now is the time to strike against Victor. Sharon admits to taking advantage of spending time with Nick and not discouraging Faith as much as she should have been. Nick doesn't blame her for wanting to recapture the life they had when Cassie was alive. Sharon promises to get back on track and tells Nick that she will make a doctor's appointment. Cassie applauds her mother, saying now that she can use it to her advantage that Nick is worried about her. Sharon tells Cassie that she wasn't manipulating Nick and wants to get back to normal. Carmine's murder devastates Michael, Lauren and Fen.

SNEAK PEEK: Michael's day in court.

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