Reshape American politics with a new 'Conservative Party'

October 20, 2013 

It is often said that if conservatives were to form a third party in America, it would be a certainty that the Democratic Party would win the next election by a landslide. I have always believed that. Now I am not at all sure.

The president and the Senate leader have fooled the American people while presiding over destructive and widely rejected policies, which are diminishing our great country and trashing our precious freedoms. This must stop.

The Republican Party leadership is severely divided and has been impotent in fighting against the liberal left. It seems clear to me that if we stay on the course we are on, we will surely lose the House of Representatives in 2014. The president will then be free to ruin our beloved country and turn it into a socialist state.

If you believe this, then there is no risk of change. Surely we have a great opportunity now!

Consider what could happen if adherents to the Heritage Foundation, Freedom Works, Tea Party, many independents and most of the silent majority would all come together. They all know we are heading in the wrong direction.

Imagine this great coalition voting for the new Conservative Party! We have the message, the likelihood of widespread support and the strong candidates to lead us to victory.

The mood of our country has changed, but time for action is short. Can we form the new Conservative Party in time?

If the coalition of supporters listed here will contribute their time, talent and financial support, the Conservative Party could become the majority political party in our country!

I would anticipate that conservative sitting Republicans in Congress would switch to the Conservative Party on the very day of formation.

Are you inspired and excited yet!

Jack Wilson

Longboat Key

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