Ugly underbelly of fishing contests: anglers building secret habitats

October 19, 2013 

Fishing is big business here, both commercial and recreational. Florida also holds a number of tournaments to test the skills of sports fishing competitors, A recent news account exposed the ugly underbelly to bass fishing contests.

Fishermen haul limbs from dead orange and oak trees as well as Christmas trees out into open waters, lash them together with concrete blocks and sink them to the bottom.

Viola! Instant bass habitat that the fishermen then key to global position systems so only they know about these prime spots.

This has been an ongoing issue at a Lake Kissimmee bass tournament for three years now.

Isn't that simply cheating? By basically baiting a secret location?

Yet there are those anglers who consider this practice perfectly ethical. Shame, shame, shame.

Florida law forbids people from placing brush piles in public lakes without a permit. What are the odds these anglers are applying for those?

We've endured steroid and performance-enhancing drugs in major sports and now this, poker's version of stacking the deck? Let's call it what it is: cheating, pure and simple.

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