Tea Party eschews cutting certain 'entitlements'

October 19, 2013 

What's with the Tea Party Republicans in Congress? It seems every time they talk about cuts, it always returns to Social Security and Medicare (so-called entitlements).

You never hear them talking about cutting Congress' entitlements or oil company subsidies, foreign aid to countries that hate us or tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, but mention deficits and these plutocrats in the House start screaming about cutting entitlements.

Maybe in next election, it will be time to cut the biggest deficit problem we have, a "do nothing" Congress. Maybe it's time to talk about term limits for Congress like we have for president.

It now seems the people on Social Security will take a punch to the head again with the smallest COLA in years. This is after a small increase last year and no increases for two years prior. Why is it that seniors are the whipping boy of deficits when these politicians grandstand?

I can't understand how seniors let these overpaid bums get away with it since we are the most dependable voting bloc in the country. It's way past time for a change!

William E. Moore


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