Voters must take risk to end political dysfunction

October 18, 2013 

So who's fault is this situation, really?

Let's not pretend. We can blame our politicians, but it is we who have failed ourselves. We who have accepted irresponsible governance from the men we elect. We who accept the Democratic and Republican rhetoric "third party and independent candidates can't win."

When we accept this, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We who don't want to appear ignorant risk-taking idealists in the eyes of our family and friends are the ones to blame for all the poor decisions made by our current bipolar two-party system.

The next time someone says to you "you're dreaming, only Democrats and Republicans can get elected," tell him firmly to examine his belief structure, and make him realize that this voter ego to want to be a part of a "herd" voter group is the source of the problem we're facing.

We must lead the change or it won't happen. Washington has never led the change to something better. Career politicians don't like to take risks.

Only when we can rise above our immediate self interests, and come together as the Founding Fathers did to make good long-term decisions, can we begin the long and arduous road back to sane governance.

Only when we look at each other and say "what do we have to lose by trying something new" will we risk adding third party and independent people to the mixture to add moderates-in-the-middle to our group of elected representatives, who can weaken the dysfunctional extreme polarity we're faced with right now.

We're at fault, and we are constitutionally empowered to repair this defective government that we have created. What will you do next election? Same old, same old? Or experiment and try for a solution?

Bill Van Horne

Holmes Beach

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