Party of 'no' on verge of becoming party of 'no more'

October 18, 2013 

Judging from the rapidly plummeting approval rate of the party of no, it appears possible that it could become the party of no more. This is caused by the futile attempt to reverse the Affordable Care Act law by shutting down our government, resulting in great hardships to our citizenry and losing the confidence of world governments.

Add this final straw to countless others, including: gerrymandering for political gain, opposing financial controls over Wall Street, opposing gun control laws, anti-OSHA, anti-EPA, denying scientific facts pertaining to climate change, opposing teaching of evolution facts, anti-gay, anti-minorities, anti-women's rights, anti-common sense increases in taxes for the rich and for corporations.

And now this. Snap.

Skip Hannon


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