Statement showed lack of tolerance, respect

October 17, 2013 

"Africanized mentality." Really? Such a lack of respect for our president and the people of color in our country in a recent letter should not be tolerated.

Thank God that you are outnumbered as proven by Mr. Obama's consecutive wins. Get over it and accept that your close-minded views are becoming a thing of the past. It brings me shame that the angry "red-neck mentality" casts such an ugly shadow on white men and women.

I feel the need to apologize to the millions of beautiful black Americans and people of Africa for such a lack of dignity in that ignorant statement. Please remember that the majority of white people don't have such a gross disregard for common decency.

As for the "haters," it's clear that they simply feel threatened that they no longer have the numbers to continue with their oppression of minorities. In fact, they are the "new minorities." It's about time!

Amy Robinson


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