Moral outrage over nation's political plight missing

October 15, 2013 

Where is the moral outrage? Forget political parties. Forget the Supreme Court. We are a bunch of sheep, allowing the government to pass a law forcing us to turn over our most private concerns to an entity that cannot even keep our classified information safe from predators.

Is it really OK to have our medical information available to millions of people who supposedly have a need to know what it is? What is the matter with the people in this country? Don't you know that we have lost everything by giving up our rights?

Has anyone been watching while citizens are stripped down and photographed by people who are supposed to protect us? Have we been doing more than watching while our legal citizens are being treated like illegal aliens and our illegal aliens are being treated like citizens?

Does anyone care that the people who work hard for their living are being robbed so the money can go to people who don't work? Many people who are into the drug culture are receiving handouts from our government so they can continue to live a lifestyle which does not include working for a living.

And is it OK for a president to pick and choose which laws he will obey and which ones he will not obey and to make up laws as he goes when it isn't even his job to make the laws? Is it OK for a president to lie continuously to the American people?

United we stand. Divided we fall. We're falling. We are all on the ship, and we are so busy fighting with each other that we don't seem to see the ship sinking. As I watch our country die, I am beginning to wonder what there is left to fight for.

Kristen Bechdolt


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