Citizens must demand Congress fulfill responsibilities

October 15, 2013 

What purpose does it serve to shut down the government and keep it shut down? Why would anyone consider defaulting on America's debt? We have enough real problems to solve in this country without creating artificial problems.

If these current crises have taught us anything, it is that government is important in all of our lives. And, as a democracy, everyone must realize that we are the government; controlling our own destiny via the rules set forth in our constitution.

We live in a constitutional democracy in which we elect men and women to Congress who reflect our own individual points of view. But, once elected, we must demand that our representatives work together for the common good. Threats, intimidation, and downright extortion among our elected officials must not be tolerated if our democracy is to survive.

A case in point: The House and Senate passed their own versions of a federal budget in March (seven months ago) but the leadership in the House has refused to meet in conference with the Senate 19 times since then. Instead they have chosen to wait until the eleventh hour to impose their budget demands by extortion rather than by compromise.

One point must be made perfectly clear. There should be no conditions for keeping our government open or for paying our debts!

As citizens we must demand an end to government by threats, intimidation and extortion. And, as voters it will be our duty to remove from office those who persist in using these methods.

James Frazier


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