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October 14, 2013 


By Tiffany Tompkins-Condie

There are lessons to be learned from hanging out with the "under-2" set. A recent visit with my grandson left me elated, amused, exhausted and bursting with love -- sometimes all at once.

I learned that "ta-da!" is the most excellent way of announcing your achievements, whether it's a successfully stacked tower of cans or a sip from Grandma's cup without dousing yourself.

I learned that the Sunday morning train whistle can bring delight and awe to a tiny face as you sit and listen together while everyone else is still snoozing in bed.

I learned that everything can be a toy. Rocks, dirt, water, dog poop.

I learned that "hi!" is a great way to greet everyone you see.

I learned that a nap can turn a bad day around and snuggling can cure just about any disappointment.

As I watched my tiny grandson reaching for the elevator button one morning, I knew that the next time I saw him, he will be able to proclaim "ta-da."

When the elevator doors dinged open a moment later, he confidently greeted the lone occupant.


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