cannot be trusted in review of Fox News

October 14, 2013 

A recent letter claimed that Fox News airs misinformation (no examples cited or contrary documentation) because says so, and that most scholars consider Snopes to be "one of the most reliable, objective non-political online fact-checkers."

"Scholars?" That would be academics. Pew Research consistently finds that about 90 percent of academics are left-wing. So what would anybody expect their Fox opinion to be? It's an instant disqualifier.

Left-wingers, of course, don't identify themselves as such. They seem to believe there are only two political positions, right-wing and moderate, which they self-identify as. Media mentions "right-wing conservatives" with some frequency, but how often do we see or hear "left-wing Harry Reid" or "left-wing Nancy Pelosi" or "left-wing President Obama?" Protests erupt.

Being left-wing doesn't necessarily mean good governance. Obama lacks that skill. "I won't negotiate" sounds more like a despot wannabe.

After the 2012 election Obama said (in a clip played on TV and it's hard to label that "misinformation"), "we're going to reward our friends and punish our enemies."

Keep schoolchildren from touring the White House ... punish! Keep World War II veterans from visiting their memorial ... punish! But keep the golf course open. Keep travelers from the Normandy cemetery and the national parks ... punish!

Obama also said, in a clip on TV, that if the debt ceiling is raised, that doesn't mean the national debt will increase. That's how stupid he thinks you are. (So why raise the debt ceiling?)

He also said you can keep your doctor and your plan, and health costs will go down ... not mentioning a possible $8,600 deductible (victim interviewed on TV). He didn't say Obamacare will force you to pay for appropriate coverage, like maternity care for older women. Wouldn't you rather be health care pro-choice?

Rosalie Rosenfeld


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