GOP ruining nation in fight against Affordable Care Act

October 13, 2013 

A physician representing the Republicans on a local talk show did not even know that Obamacare was the law. Then he listed the hazards related to Obamacare. To my surprise, his was the same list that can be applied to my HMO.

I heard of two identical surveys that were recently taken. One referred to Obamacare. The other referred to the Affordable Care Act. Forty-six percent of those polled opposed Obamacare, 35 percent opposed the Affordable Care Act.

So, taking the HMO list and the identical polls, I think this suggests that most of us have no idea what we are talking about. And this certainly applies to Congress running wild. Was it 50 times they've voted to repeal Obamacare?

That was over 50 times they wasted the time that could have been used to pass bills constructive to the American people. But they don't care about the American people. This is all about their ego.

Ruled by the tea party, they are not patriots. They are willing to destroy our government instead of working together to save it.

I still remember when Mitt Romney was in the presidential race that someone in the audience said uninsured people should be left to die. Folks, be careful what you wish for.

The American people have struggled for all these years, only to have their lives trashed again by irresponsible and reckless people in government. Who will still collect their pay checks! Why should they care about all the people who need medical help? Do they have an alternative to replace the Affordable Care Act? Can we afford paying for top medical care for Congress and their families for life? So Congress is royalty and we are the masses, let them eat cake.

Doris Scherette


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