Obama, not Republicans, treasonous on spending

October 12, 2013 

I had a chuckle from a Oct. 3 letter by James Frazier in which he stated that the Republicans' refusal to raise the debt ceiling is treasonous. Well, that sounds to me more like one of Obama's decisions.

So, refusal to increase our already huge debt is anti-American? Nice twist but no cigar!

Look at it this way: Seems to me those awful "obstructionist" Republicans have been against further increases all along and Speaker John Boehner has simply spearheaded the efforts to hold down the debt!

Treasonous, yes, to be sure but not from the Republicans; that's Mr. Obama's specialty ... and precious few seem to even care. They would, though, when they get their new socialist I.D. badges under comrade Obama.

I was glad Mr. Frazier brought the Constitution into the mix. Possibly one or even several lawmakers might read it for the first time ever and realize their errors. Obama, too? Nope, he already knows exactly what he is supposed to do and is doing it right under our noses and simply thumbing his.

If I might change subject in the same letter, I also noted that someone opines that "anyone" involved in a crash with a motorcycle should do time automatically.

In my view no one is out to hurt anyone. We all just take our chances every road trip these days.

But automatic jail time for "assaulting" a motorcyclist is really stretching things a bit. You look out for you and we will do the same for us and hope for the best. There just isn't anything to replace good judgment as far as I know. Not pointing any fingers but we read about these "accidents" in our morning papers all too often.

Rolland S. Freeman

Longboat Key

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