Credit Manatee County's National Merit success to students, teachers and parents

October 11, 2013 

The credit for the five students who recently received National Merit status as a result of their SAT and PSAT test results is three-pronged. The students, their parents, and their teachers all deserve accolades.

As a Manatee County educator, I can attest to the necessity of all three of these prongs being plugged in correctly. It, indeed, takes a community to educate our young people.

One of the students quoted in Monday's Herald story credits her success as the "byproduct of having good teachers." I can assure the public that she has good teachers at Manatee High School, and that her teachers were also excellent when she was in middle school and elementary school.

These five students represent the thousands and thousands of Manatee students who are achieving and excelling every day.

And one final note in praise of teachers who are also parents: At least three of the National Merit finalists have at least one parent who ... is also a teacher.

Robin Hardy


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