Follow tea party and halt nation's liberal bent

October 11, 2013 

The tea party became a force during President Obama's first year, primarily by being conservatives, believing unequivocally in the U.S. Constitution and that it is an individual responsibility to live within ones' means, that charity begins at home, that government handouts are used only when absolutely necessary, and only registered U.S. citizens can vote.

Be appraised, the largest chunk of this country believes abortion, homosexuality, gun control, political correctness and innumerable "rights" are peanuts compared with the real need to sensibly and realistically deal with the economy, and re-employ the unbelievable number of people on welfare. We have collected record revenues through taxation, regulation, registration, litigation and are still creating debt!

The tea party was responsible for Congress turning Republican, and like it or not there are many like-minded millions who believe that Congress has done its job, despite some very one-sided liberal and media bias.

I am fed up with the president's daily haranguing Republicans from his bully pulpit, before a selected audience, instead of doing his job from the Oval Office. He has instilled a mentality into the executive branch, creating an attitude that "anything goes providing you can get away with it" this has rubbed off on the Justice Department, IRS, State, Security and goodness knows which others.

To curry favor he has granted waivers to special interests on his own law, created innumerable czars and made a mockery of the meaning of transparency, to name a very few.

My intention is to encourage those estimated 4 million who, disliking Mormonism, stayed home last election, plus the other apathetic large numbers who simply could not be bothered to get off your "duffs" and vote next time before we end up under socialism, and eventually in the same boat as most of the Common Market countries.

D.W. Rooken-Smith


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