Term limits only way to halt abuse of political system

October 11, 2013 

Here we are in the shutdown of the people's government. Thank you to the tea party. At least now no new guns can be purchased because background checks cannot be done. I guess that in itself is a positive outcome.

What I want to say is that I am very tired of all the blame coming out of Washington, D.C. We have the "no" to everything party and then we have the party "all Americans deserve to be treated fairly." What we don't have is a party that realizes the country is split fairly evenly on most issues.

Money, greed and power rule the day; this is all that appears to matter in Washington.

We have a Supreme Court that believes corporations are the same as individual citizens. Does anyone in their right mind believe for a minute that an individual has the same power as a multimillion dollar corporation?

Does an individual, making no monetary donation to a candidate's fundraising, even receive a response to a personal letter to them? No, no, no.

Now take that corporation, which has the ability to throw away millions to a campaign, you know that they will get a response to a personal letter; you know that candidate will be on the phone to that corporation. Common sense tells you there is a major difference between corporations and individual citizens.

Money, greed and power needs to be taken out of the equation. We must get term limits on our politicians; one six-year term is sufficient. Let's get people in to do a job for a period of six years and do whatever it is they campaigned on before being elected. Make public service a reality of what it should be: a service to the people, not a service to the lobbyists.

Katherine McDonald


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