Affordable Care website fails to measure up to intentions

October 10, 2013 

I signed up for an account under the Affordable Health Care Act, or at least I tried to. While we expect to have a few bugs to be in anything new, it is still amazing that in 2013 a federal website could be so poor.

For a law that was created three and a half years ago, the web designers seem to still be in training-wheels mode as far as making the thing work.

If you can get on, which is highly questionable, you will finally get to the registration page that runs at the speed we had with dial-up AOL connections from the 1990s on a good day. From there the site crashes, hangs up, or just plain dies after many attempts to enter the data. The entire process is an exercise in futility with little hope that it will be any better tomorrow.

A simple solution would be to hire Amazon to create the government site and maintain it. They can process over 300 transactions a second so they have lots of experience at making a web site that actually works and is simple for the customer to use.

There has to be a better way to do business than what we have at

Dan Crumpler


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