Incumbents are unworthy of voters' trust, re-election

October 10, 2013 

On the closing of the World War II monument: Shame, shame, shame on you! Yes, you "people" who continue to state that "every one of those congressmen is a SOB, except mine." Yes, you people, who continue to rant for term limits. Hello?

This applies to all Democrats, Republicans, independents and whatevers. These rascals are not appointed for life, they are elected by ... guess who? You! And, hear this, re-elected by you!

You people are reaping exactly what you sow while continuing to complain that your fields are fallow and full of weeds. Incumbents have only their record on which to run for another term. What is so difficult about that? Anything else they may and will say while on their campaign is simply smoke and mirrors and promises.

The only promise you should make to yourself is to never, ever vote for an incumbent.

Drew Thomas, USAF (Ret.)


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